Mounted drill Taurus VS 25-260

VS25 SIRIUS, TAURUSis another new type of Heltos company.The machine took over from his predecessors tough construction and working reliabity. Pillar drilling machine VS25 is designed for drilling,reaming and thread cutting in both single-part and series production.

Drive of gear case use two possibilities.V-belt drive by type Taurus or transmission by gear wheel by type Sirius.The headstock is vertically adjustable and revolving on the pilar. The machine is equiped by frequency convertor,which give by help of selector level to machine two speed range from 80 till 2800 r.p.m.

Body of headstock was change in monolithic complex,in contrast to his predecessors. The gear- box of power feeds has a new construction,they shift by lever of hand feed and switch on control panel. The machine is equiped by electromagnetic clutch. Power feed is switch-off by switch on control panel (anytime) or by contact with limit switch for setting of driling depth.

When the maximal presure on spindle is overun,or when the tool breaks,automaticly switch-off power feed.The machine has equipment for release of tool from spindle helpless of drill drift.The drilling depth is set on a milimeter scale.The spindle is setting in ball bearings.


Taurus VS 25-260
Drilling diameter 600 Mpa mm 25
Drilling depth mm 180
Cone in MORSE spindle MORSE 3
Drilling depth indicator
Drilling depth backstop
precision setting
Clamping table area - horizontal mm 320 x 320
T - grooves
3 x w 14, spacing 80
Dist. from spindle end to clamp. table area max/min mm 900 / 180
Spindle reach mm 265
Diameter of column mm 120
Headstock vertical movement mm 170
Vertical movement of bracket with table mm 410
Vertical movement of table and headstock
geard rack
Spindle speed
continuous (converter)
- number of steps
- range r.p.m. 80 - 2800
Direction spindle speed
right - left
Primary transmission
by hand / mechanical
- number of steps
- range mm/r. 0,08 - 0,32
Clutch type
Maximum axial pressure on spindle N 8000
Motor V 3 x 400
Electric motor speed/output r.p.m/kW 900 / 1,1
Coolant equipment
cont. 20 l, output 30 l/min
Maximum machine dimensions W x L x H mm 650 x 1130 x 2100
Machine weight (net/ gross) kg 590 / 640
Package (crating) dimensions W x L x H mm 690 x 1250 x 2200

Mounted drill Taurus VS 25-260